I can't be a flight attendant because glasses.

Eritrean Airlines. Haven’t run a scheduled flight since 2008, and even then they were only doing Hajj jaunts. Still haven’t officially ceased operations though.

Aeroméxico. There may or may not be some pilots-being-off-their-faces-on-cocaine type issues at this Citigroup-owned establishment…

Air Pacific. Aren’t the Pacific Islanders great, all the same? Always up for the craic.

Czech Airlines. The world’s first victim of a triple hijacking, in 1950. It’s the Cold War, kids.

TAAG Angola Airlines. These guys have a long list of “incidents” and a EU flight ban on their books due to poor aircraft maintenance. Oops. 

Air Niugini. We haven’t had lady pilots for a while.

Air Austral. Funny little airline; as far as I can tell, it does domestic hops, and has routes to all the olf French colonies and Australia and South Africa. More destinations than planes. Some timetabling exercise.

National Airlines. When Pan Am bought them out, there was a bit of trouble. The culture of the domestic airline’s employees clashed with the international staff’s worldly ways.

Adria Airways. Oh now that is a great hat.

Jet Airways. Carries the most passengers in India, on 400 flights a day, to 76 destinations.